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1. What is CRO Buttons - Mobile?

If you frequent e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Tiki or Shopee, are probably familiar with CRO buttons. The same can be said for the majority of shoppers. They are also familiar with shopping behavior on e-commerce platforms. So, what if we make our websites look like the ones on e-commerce platforms?

CRO Buttons - Mobile - a set of buttons highly optimized for mobile devices with many powerful features will help you:

✔️ Similar shopping experience on both mobile and desktop

✔️ Quick access through sticky buttons at the bottom of the device

✔️ Automatically change buttons to optimize conversion rate in product pag

2. CRO Buttons - Mobile on Default page

All pages except the product page are called default pages. After researching customer behavior, we found that most of their interactions involve around:

  • Accessing a collection of products (store owner can navigate customers to a list of all products or best-selling products of the website)

  • Seeking help or advice through preferred channels such as hotline, email, live chat or social media.

  • Checking their cart items to see if they're applicable to promotions.

  • Looking for the closest store.

CRO Buttons - Mobile are built to meet all customer needs mentioned above

Default view

3. CRO Buttons - Mobile on Product page

The product page is where the majority of customers will make a purchase decision. Thus, in addition to the buttons on default pages, many CTA (Call To Action) are also available to further increase the chances of customers buying the product. You will be able to add button type CTA (Call To Action), helping customers to buy easily than

Product view