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CRO Buttons introduction

πŸ“ What is CRO Buttons?​

CRO Buttons (Conversion Rate Optimization Buttons) is an application that creates a second menu at the bottom of a customer's device when they enter your website. With a wide variety of customization options and color arrangements, CRO Buttons will help redirect customers and boost their interactions on the website.

Demo πŸ‘‰ CRO Buttons

βœ… Why CRO Buttons?​

1. Conversion Rate boosting buttons​

CRO Buttons contains all the CTAs you need to enhance customer experience in every single touch on your website.

  • Easy to use

  • Elegant interface

  • Boost conversion rate

  • And constantly evolving

Conversion Rate boosting buttons

2. Wide range of designs​

There are 5 available designs optimized based on popular brands such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, ... and many battle-tested designs used by EGANY's customers

Pick one and get started now

3. Wide range of customization options​

Color, animation, position, link, icon, content, number of buttons... are easily customizable to fit your needs.

Don't be limited by the 5 designs we provide. Create your own design and show the world what you've got

dashboard cro buttons
Dashboard of cro buttons


General setting
General setting

Buttons setting
Buttons setting

Button types
Button types

CTA setting
CTA (Call To Action) setting

Popup setting
Popup setting

Tracking setting
Tracking setting

4. Swift purchase​

No matter where the customers are, CRO Buttons is always displayed at the bottom to provides easy access for their purchase.

CRO Buttons on Desktop

5. Boost AOV (Average Order Value) and CR (Conversion Rate) notably by using the these addons​

Help increase single average value (AOV) and conversion rate (CR) extremely effectively with tools:

  • Create a promotion scenario

  • Create a free shipping scenario

  • Encourage customers to buy more

  • And more…

Promotion feature on CRO Buttons


6. Backup and restore settings data when necessary​

Application allows users to:

  • Export data: Backup all current settings data of application

  • Import data: Instead of setting from scratch. You can upload and restore settings of previously backed up data.

  • Reset data: App data will be reset to its original state when first installed

Quick setup